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I’m not a big fan of adjectives, but it’s food for thought.


I’m not a big fan of adjectives, but it’s food for thought.

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So, I see this kind of thing a lot:

  • Wow, I can’t believe I used to like that
  • I was such a loser when I was 13
  • What was WRONG with me
  • I just found some of my writing from the 90s. How embarrassing. 

And here’s what I always want to say when people say things like that: You didn’t suck then. Your old writing is nothing to be ashamed of. Your youth is nothing to be ashamed of.

You were a person, and you were younger and knew less than you do now. That’s a good thing. It means you’re still learning.

But your younger self was worthy. Good. Deserves respect. And so do other young people who are similarly young and inexperienced, and who similarly have a lot to learn.

Text 17 Jul 4 notes Old free write

Mouth cave echoes, the vibrations are just that. All my words are just that.
With no one to hear me, is this why we invented god?
I am spending my whole life with the sticky tar of asphalt stuck to my feet, taunting extinction, scrubbing myself clean
I want to scream, skyscrapers that break necks are muffling the sound, sending it back
I want to go back
I want to breathe easy for the first time like the moment a sun ignites

Text 17 Jul 1 note Oldie

1. Before we met in January
My life was tempting not to bend and bleed
My world was an oil painting on flimsy paper
I was shedding my paint chip skin
Leaving colorful reminders of where I’ve been
You washed over me like an ocean tide
I was all salt and blood and resurrection

2. Define love:
Letting the sand out of my sand bags
Making me feel light
I can now carry the world like I always meant to

3. Define love in one word: community

4. Chose the place to rearrange your molecules carefully. Build your cocoon sturdily. Liquefy.

5. We are still salt water. We always go back where we came. The waves never get to the shore just to walk away.

6. I cannot refrain from mixing my metaphors.

7. Handwritten anything is the best gift.

8. Redefine love

9. I haven’t forgotten about you

10. I am thankful for all the horrors that brought us together.

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Listen to me carefully.
Don’t you dare love me
through the blood of the girls
who came before me.
If you can’t love me
without taking the knife
to someone else,
I’d rather you didn’t love me
at all.
— “but you’re prettier than she was” and other bad words, by Ashe Vernon (via latenightcornerstore)
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"Fuck You, Old People" — Group Piece at CUPSI 2014

"By the way, you can’t actually pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s now how physics works."


this gives me life….

"Act your fucking age" god damn, this has a good message here.

39 seconds in and I reblogged it


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Last month, Google’s Cambridge, MA office hosted four trans women authors on our summer tour! Here’s the video for you to enjoy!

Thanks again to all the donors who helped make this tour happen!

via Witchling.
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From As Often As Miracles, available here
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[image description: the covers of the books listed below]


Queer books out in July 2014. Know any others?

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Persephone Books

Persephone Books reprints neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly women) writers.”

59 Lamb’s Conduit Street London WC1N 3NB - let’s go



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